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Can Alhema de Queiles of 3 liter Organic.
  • Can Alhema de Queiles of 3 liter Organic.
  • Can Alhema de Queiles of 3 liter Organic.
  • Can Alhema de Queiles of 3 liter Organic.

Can Alhema de Queiles of 3 liter Organic.


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Alhema de Queiles oil is an extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina and arroniz varieties. It is very pleasant on the palate, has fruity notes in aroma and a mild bitter and spicy.

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Alhema de Queiles extra virgin olive oil

Hacienda Queiles is located in a valley in the south of Navarre, specifically on the border with Aragon, surrounded by the geographical enclaves that distinguish this region, the Moncayo (Iberian Mountain Range) and the river Ebro, the largest in Spain, where the river Queiles flows into.

The terrain presents soils where stone predominates, poor in organic matter, marked by a harsh climate and constant changes, extreme temperatures either by heat or cold, in summer or winter, respectively.

This geography together with the peculiar characteristics of the area, perpetual snows of the Moncayo mountain range and the cierzo, are printed in the Hacienda Queiles olive grove, and, therefore, in the olive oil produced.

The certification of organic products by the Autonomous Organ of Navarre and the USDA assures the final consumer that the olive oil he or she consumes does not contain any chemical residues. This is due to the use of organic fertilizers and concern for the environment since the beginning of the agricultural activity of the Queiles Farm.


From a plantation table sufficient for the correct growth of the plant, using natural substrates of pruning and felling remains, everything to achieve optimum ripeness and obtain the perfect fruit for the perfect olive oil.

As for the tasting, in nose it is a very intense olive oil, fresh tones of fruit, green banana and almond appear. It can be identified with its own flavours of vegetables from the land, standing out the tomato and the artichoke.

The mouthfeel is pleasant and smooth, with sweet flavours with delicate spicy and bitter notes. It remains in the mouth with aromas of tomato, artichoke, cuttings of thistle and almond.

It stands out for its complexity and magnificent balance.

Consumption in raw, accompanying dishes either cold or hot, to enhance any culinary creation.

Most important awards:

First Prize Mature Fruit from the International Oleicola Council. Prestige Gold Award at the Terraolivo Competition in Israel. Alimentos de España Award, to the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain Campa. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award, Organic Production Campaign. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

L.A. Country Fair Medalla de oro ALHEMA DE QUEILES diseño lata. L.A. Country Fair Medalla de Plata ALHEMA DE QUEILES. L.A. Country Fair Medalla de Plata ABBAE DE QUEILES. Ecotrama (BioCórdoba). Medalla de Oro ALHEMA DE QUEILES. Ecotrama (BioCórdoba). Medalla de Plata ABBAE DE QUEILES. Enohobby – L´Orciolo D´Oro. Distinción frutado ligero ABBAE DE QUEILES. Enohobby – L´Orciolo D´Oro. Dist. frutado ligero ALHEMA DE QUEILES. OLIO, Zurich (Suiza). Silver Olive en la categoría frutado suave, mejor aceite en concurso de su categoría.

Aceite Hacienda de Queiles  almazara hacienda de queilesolivas hacienda de queiles aceite de oliva premium

All the oils produced are kept in stainless steel tanks for perfect conservation. Once bottled, they are kept away from light and heat sources.

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