Almazaras de la Subbética

Almazaras de la Subbética

Almazaras de la Subbética

Almazaras de la Subbética

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  • Rincón de la Subbética Organic Olive Oil variety hojiblanca. Box 6...

    Price €98.18
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    (€16.36 por botella)

    Rincón de la Subbética extra virgin olive oil is a balanced oil elaborated for the most demanding palates with olives harvested during the first days of harvest.

    In the nose it presents an intense green fruity with herbaceous sensations, and in the mouth a sweet beginning, with bitter touches of medium intensity.

    Box of 6 units of 500 ml with cases

  • Rincón de la Subbética Alamoda is a premium extra virgin olive oil from the first day of harvest. Organic extra virgin olive oil from the oil mills of the Subbética in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, a unique natural area protected by the Andalusian Government.  

    This olive oil has a very intense green fruity taste with an aftertaste of fruit and citrus fruits. Herbaceous sensations, thyme and mint, with notes of tomato.

    9 Bottles of 250ml

  • Parqueoliva Serie Oro Almazaras de la Subbética. 6 bottles of 500 ml.

    Price €69.00
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    (€11.50 por botella)

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Parqueoliva serie Oro with from Priego de Córdoba Subbetica Cordoba. Result of the perfect combination of the olives picudo and hojiblanca varieties. An olive oil with personality, authentic and that becomes a jewel for your kitchen. 

    Box of 6 units of 500ml

  • Parqueoliva Oil Gold Series DOP. Box of 9 bottles of 250ml

    Price €69.55
    5 5

    Parqueoliva oil bottles Serie Oro

    Parqueoliva Serie Oro (Gold Series) oil with D.O. Priego de Córdoba is an extra virgin spanish olive oil with varieties of Hojiblanca and Picuda, which create the perfect combination in the mouth to enjoy a gold series oil with unique properties.

    If you are looking for a distinguished olive oil, but with a personality that conquers the palate, this Parqueoliva Serie Oro is one of the best options for your cuisine and Mediterranean gastronomy.

    Box of 9 units of 250 ml

Almazaras de la Subbética