There are nine hundred meters that must be ascended above sea level, to reach the plots of the Sierras that surround Alcalá la Real (Jaén), where the olives are selected from which a high-quality olive oil is extracted. .

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  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils 900 ORGANIC. Box 12 units 500 ml

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    (€12.28 unidad 500 ml)

    Organic extra virgin olive oil from organic farming olive trees, obtaining an oil of the highest quality and respecting the environment and the biological cycles of the agricultural system, through the reinsertion of native species of the vegetation cover and facilitating the regeneration of the entire ecosystem of insects, birds, reptiles and fauna in the area, all guaranteeing the nutritional and sensory quality of the product.

    This organic oil stands out for its high content of polyphenols, which give organic olive oil its antioxidant, protective and anti-carcinogenic qualities, among others.

  • Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oils 900 Origin. Box 12 units 500 ml

    Price €147.43
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    (€12.28 unidad 500 ml)

    Superior quality extra virgin olive oil recognized internationally through various awards.

    The EVOO Superior 900 ORIGIN is a coupage of the picual, picudo and hojiblanca varieties obtained from olives grown at the ideal altitude and weather and harvested at their optimal point of ripeness that give their juice that flavor and aroma of grass and freshly cut tomato so appreciated by the palate.

Why nine hundred? A bit of our origin

The cultivation of the olive grove and the extraction of olive oil from its fruit in the Iberian Peninsula date back to the 6th century BC. In its origins its use was not food, rather medicinal and cosmetic due to its qualities. Furthermore, this land of ours did not see its birth as a crop developed by the hand of man. However, as in most of the products of the earth, there is territory that meets exceptional circumstances to produce a superior quality of the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive grove.

For this, the first thing is to treat the product as what it really is, a fruit, and therefore the care and dedication in its cultivation, harvesting, transport and subsequent processing until obtaining its pure oily juice, extra virgin olive oil, must be scrupulous and extremely demanding. This fact justifies its high value as a healthy food and absolutely necessary to obtain a balanced diet and keep our body young.

The variety of types of olive groves, picual, hojiblanco, arbequina, etc. will condition the flavor and aromas of olive oil. Any of them has qualities widely valued by the diner and it will depend on their taste and appreciation for olive oil to choose the consumption of one or the other.

Today ORIGEN NOVECIENTOS is made up of Producers, Engineers and Technicians with the aim of offering the final consumer a product that, due to its quality and exclusivity, is only obtained in certain areas with peculiar characteristics. Because we believe in our oil and in our work based on transparency and reliability, we decided to create Novecientos.

That makes us different?

But no matter how demanding it may be in its production and cultivation process, there are exceptional circumstances in the land where the olive tree is grown that add another point of quality to the olive and, therefore, of flavor and intensity. The optimal climatic, orographic and hydrological conditions for the cultivation of the olive tree occur at an approximate altitude of 900 meters above sea level, right here, on our lands, the surroundings of Alcalá la Real. This is the origin of our name and it is what makes our oil unique and different.

From the fruits collected in this area that have received the right amount of sun, water and temperature at each time of the year, an extra virgin olive oil is obtained with exceptional qualities from the food point of view, due to its high antioxidant content. , anti-inflammatory, satiating effect and favoring the absorption of nutrients, and from the cosmetic point of view, for the additional contribution of skin elasticity and hydration that take care of keeping body tissues young.

But in addition to the flavor and aroma, its permanence over time while preserving all these properties, invite the regular consumption of OIL 900 TOP, star product of the brand ORIGEN NOVECIENTOS S.L.

Now that you know a little about the history of Novecientos, I can only thank you for letting us into your house.