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You can buy Balcón del Guadalquivir oil on this website. Balcón del Guadalquivir extra virgin olive oil originates in the city of Jaén, Andalusia. This Cooperative Society was constituted in 1960, and owes its name, Balcón del Guadalquivir, to the place where the oil mills were located.

Balcón del Guadalquivir is a natural extra virgin olive oil, which has sensational organoleptic qualities, without additives and with a large number of health benefits for the vitamins it contains.

In the beginning, it had rented a facility in the heart of the city, until 3 years later, in 1963, moved its facilities to the perimeter of the city, giving the characteristic name to this extra virgin olive oil, being able to observe from here the landscapes of olive groves of the city of Jaén, the valley of the high Guadalquivir, origin of the AOVE.

A few decades later, in 2004, the number of members was growing to reach approximately 500 members, having and with it the need to expand its facilities to the outskirts of Baeza. This move implied a better access to the facilities, with a greater capacity also expanding the oil mill, and a newer technology.

Currently, they have 2,100 hectares of olive groves made up of approximately 240,000 olive trees.

The packaging of this brand evokes the Balcón del Guadalquivir, and its blue colour inspires the freshness that can be perceived in this architectural element. Work has been carried out on the brand in such a way that in each of the products there is a balcony of either a house or a mansion.

The history of this oil dates back to the 1st to 3rd centuries AD, as the Romans had a strong predilection for oil from the banks of the Guadalquivir, and transported it in Roman ships dedicated to the transport of food.

After the conquest of Hispania Romana, Beatia, which is a territory with a strategic location, began to be a place of exchange and administrative center. Julius Caesar's troops stopped in one of the crossings in what is the current city of Baeza. At this time, they were lucky enough to taste the extra virgin olive oil, something that delighted the palates of Julius Caesar, who enjoyed the early oils until the end of his days.

From these places, where Julius Caesar demanded this oil, the extra virgin olive oil "Balcón del Guadalquivir" in Latin means Solarium Baetim, oil extracted near the banks of the Guadalquivir in the Upper Valley.