Casas de Hualdo

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    Can Casas de Hualdo of 3 liters Pack 4.

    Price €101.52
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    (€25.38 unidad 3l)

    Casas de Hualdo oil is an extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina and arroniz varieties. It is very pleasant on the palate, has fruity notes in aroma and a mild bitter and spicy.

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    Contains 4 cans of 3 liters.

  • Casas de Hualdo 4 bottles with pistachios.

    Price €40.04
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    (€40.04 pack)

    Casas de Hualdo exclusive case, to enjoy the 4 varieties of extra virgin olive oil monovarietal to the taste of each palate. Discover the different textures of these oils accompanied by pistachios grown in the same area.

    Box of 4 units and bottle of pistachios

  • Casas de Hualdo case 3 bottles special edition

    Price €36.96
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    (€36.96 pack)

    Elegant special edition case of extra virgin olive oil. Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina varieties offering an exclusive experience that will allow the consumer to discover the nuances that characterize each of these monovarietals.

    Case of 3 units

  • Case 1 bottle Casas de Hualdo

    Price €11.41
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    (€11.41 Por botella)

    Elegant case of Casas de Hualdo extra virgin olive oil to enjoy an olive oil experience and surprise the palate, full of intense aromas and flavors varied for any type of taste.

    The case contains a 500 ml bottle

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    Casas de Hualdo Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

    Price €100.80
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    (€8.40 Por botella)

    Casas de Hualdo is an extra virgin olive oil that will delight the palate of the most demanding always seeking excellence.

    Box of 12 units.

  • Casas de Hualdo Oil 250 ml. Box 12 combinable bottles

    Price €61.32
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    (€5.11 Por botella)

    Buying Casa de Hualdo Oil is now easy in Olive Oil Online.

    You'll be amazed at the organoleptic qualities of these extra virgin olive oils with elegant and subtle touches.

    Box of 12 units

  • Casas de Hualdo Miniature Olive Oil

    Price €32.50
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    (€0.65 Por unidad de 25 ml)

    Taste the small doses of Casas de Hualdo oil from the Carpio region, each with its own unique characteristics, choosing the one that best suits your taste and enjoying a new experience with each one of them.

    Box of 50 units.

Benefits of buying Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Online.

Excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil born from the care of the olive grove plant, as well as the collection, transport and procedure of the olives. They have the excellence as maximum and look for the quality like main attribute of their oils, preserving the aromas and flavors that make feel to the consumer that consumes a unique oil.

The essence of the olive grove resides in a continuous maintenance of the plant, as well as of the fertile soil and of the process of growth of the olive. They use cultivation techniques together with monitored irrigation and fertigation techniques.

The resulting olive oil is complex and balanced due to the richness of the soil together with the maturation of the different olives. They have an experienced olive-oil mill master who, together with the help of the elaiotécnic, preserves the antioxidant qualities, aroma and flavour that make it a superfood.

Finally, the importance of Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the international arena, present in 27 countries around Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, becoming disseminators of the culture of extra virgin olive oil.