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Why buy Castillo de Canena oil?

Castillo de Canena oil can be bought in this portal and we send it directly from the oil mill. It is a high quality extra virgin olive oil and one of the most famous in our country both inside and outside. Every year the labels of its top-of-the-range oil Castillo de Canena Primer día de Cosecha are designed by a person of national relevance such as Pau Gasol, Fernando Alonso, Alex de la Iglesia, etc. This red bottle represents their most valuable and highest quality oils that are harvested each year in the month of October. It is therefore Castillo de Canena first day of harvest one of the best oils on the market and is on sale with limited units in our store.

Castillo de Canena Family Reserve are their best-selling oils with a black bottle, have a slightly cheaper price and characteristics very similar to their red bottle oils. Their picual and arbequina varieties make the delight of the public.

They also have a special bottle for the most representative variety of Castillo de Canena and the northeastern area of Jaén, the Royal variety, its units are very limited and are sold out in a few months. It is an autochthonous variety of Jaén and little cultivated. Its aromas are very rich in complexity and of medium-high intensity.

They have a picual oil of biodynamic and ecological culture. This Castillo de Canena oil has a ceramic-coloured bottle with an intense fruitiness and nuances of tomato, herbs and citrus notes.

Castillo de Canena aromatized with oak smoke is another of the singularities of this innovative company. The bottle is light blue in colour and has a peculiar taste that gives a lot of play in haute cuisine.

This website is the place where you can buy different gift boxes of Castillo de Canena oils and are also in boxes of 6 bottles. With detailed information about the tasting of the different oils.

Castillo de Canena has its own oil mill in the city of Canena, province of Jaén. They use the highest care for both the fruit and the freshly prepared oil. They separate in stainless steel tanks and classify according to the quality of the oils they obtain. They use the latest innovations in specialised machinery to obtain quality extra virgin oils. Buying Castillo de Canena oil is a safe bet of exquisite juices and care.