Cortijo de la Torre

The origin of our farmhouse is given by the place where it stands today, and which is the same where the village called TORRE DE DOÑA MENCÍA was back in 1371. Little is known about this stage and there are no more verifiable records of what happened there or the vicissitudes of the years.

It is not until November 1862, when the Cortijo finds its place in the historical records, which have been dusted off and brought back to life by the hand of history professor Trinidad Ortuzar Castañer, that we discover the exceptional life of its first owner and Builder: D. Francisco Serrano y Domínguez. It is in this year of 1862, when the lands where the Cortijo stands are granted by Queen Isabel II to Serrano, as well as the title of Duke, who is resident in the cortijo that occupies us, giving rise to the Duchy of La Torre. .

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    EVOO Intense green fruity whose essence evokes freshly cut grass, olive leaf, tomato plant, almond and artichoke, generating great complexity in aromas. It has a sweet entrance on the palate, an almond aftertaste reminiscent of the aromatic perception and a pleasant bitterness and spiciness that disappears, leaving the sensation of a balanced and full-bodied oil at the end.

family history


1898 - Origin of our family as Mill Masters

The history of my family has origins far removed from the dukes and kings who lived in the Cortijo during the 19th century. The Bueno family is a humble and hard-working class family that began its history as oil mill masters in the year 1898, when hunger reigned in the streets of Spain.

Juan Bueno Garrido earns a living like the rest of the Spaniards of the time, working from sun to shade in a country that is cracking, while his wife takes care of the house and 5 children, as was customary at the time. As fate would have it, he occupied the office of oil mill master, a task that he carried out with great tenacity under the scorching sun of the Jaén countryside, and that he would pass on to his son Manuel, my great-grandfather, who lived through the worst part of the history of our country in the last centuries.


1934-3rd Generation of Oil Mill Masters

It is in the third family generation of teachers, around 1950, when a very young 16-year-old Juan Bueno, who already works in the oil mill, takes the determination to change his situation, bet on the development of his town and the prosperity of his people.

Here begins the business story of my grandfather, a clever boy with an entrepreneurial mentality, who invested all his savings (10,000 of the old pesetas) to get a second-hand MV motorcycle, which would allow him to travel to look for work in the vicinity. And that is how he went from being an oil mill master and bricklayer, trades he had learned from his father Manuel, to a great businessman in the world of construction, thanks to which he was able to provide quality employment for most of the families of his beloved town, Escañuela, and many others such as Arjona, Porcuna, Villardompardo and other neighboring towns, all located in the Jaen countryside.

1976 - Farmhouse of the Tower of Juan Bueno

In 1976, as a result of good business successes and with the intention of fulfilling his oil mill dream, Juan acquired the Cortijo de la Torre and its oil mill, which he bought from the Marqués de Albaida, who in turn had acquired it from his son major of General Serrano. The Cortijo is reformed and a multitude of belongings and implements of the time appear. Cortijo la Torre breathes life again after years of silence and begins to take on its current appearance. The ecosystem works and life in the countryside is splendid.

1990 - Expansion and arrival of the 4th Generation

Horses, sheep, pigs, chickens and roosters, dogs and cats and an endless number of natural animals from the Jaén countryside fill my childhood memories with joy. El Cortijo breathes full lung and brims with life. The seasonal workers and their sons and daughters come to spend 3 months a year with us and share games and mischief with the little ones in the house.

Maria Antonia, Juana and Juanma enter the family business and begin their adventure in the world of EVOO.

2004 - The origin of EVOO early harvest

The Bueno family, already with the 4th generation learning the art of producing high quality olive oil, is preparing for its turning point. And it is that, as a result of good work and commitment to innovation, it was decided to completely change the concept of production and revolutionize the olive sector.

The green gold that came out of our facilities was baptized with the name “Cortijo la Torre” and, since 2007, it has conquered the most demanding palates in the world of olive oil at an international level.

2020 - The 5th Generation joins

Prizes, prizes and more prizes. Having achieved more than 100 for our EVOO and after a long journey, it is the turn of our generation to continue betting on excellence in the production of olive juice. María, Laura and a server want the world to echo the wonderful legacy that our family leaves us. Our goal is to value what our family has achieved throughout its history thanks to its effort, work and perseverance.

We are characterized by an immense love/respect for the earth and nature. We are motivated by sustainability in what we do and we seek to completely eliminate our carbon and water footprint. We are currently working on a project to increase biodiversity in our fields, home to numerous species. Which brings me to our reason for being:

"At Cortijo la Torre you will find harmony between delighting your senses and the sustainability of our olive grove, where humans and nature work together to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil in the world."