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Why buy Elaia Zait tasting glasses? At Aceite Oliva Online we explain the qualities of Elaia Zait olive oil tasting glasses.

Olive oil tasting requires the use of tasting glasses to identify the unique flavours of extra virgin olive oil.

Elaia Zait creates a new world for oil tasting. The Elaia Zait oil tasting glasses and cups present a singular and special design, reminiscent of forms such as the olive itself, allowing nuances, aromas and flavours to be appreciated.

The hedonistic olive oil tasting set Elaia Zait is composed of a shot glass, glass, plate and a lid for tasting glass. These elements are ergonomically designed to concentrate the properties of extra virgin olive oil.

The tasting of olive oil is exquisite with the tasting glass and the ergonomic glass of Elaia Zait.

In addition, the plate for tasting olive oil has a careful U-shaped design, which allows the oil to remain at the bottom of the plate and only take the oil needed to taste, returning the excess to the bottom again. This makes it possible to appreciate its flavour in a more suitable way without taking an abundant quantity.

Elaia Zait is committed to the environment, so there is also a biodegradable and compostable olive oil tasting glass in her product portfolio. It also has a shot glass, whose shape is similar to that of olives, which makes it possible to discover the tasting of olive oil at low temperatures and also provides the healthy daily dose of oil that must be consumed.