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Why and where to buy oil Finca la Torre?

Buying oil Finca la Torre is a guarantee of quality. An ecological and biodynamic oil. They are winners during the last years of the most important prizes both nationally and internationally. We can highlight the Alimentos de España awards given by the Ministry of Agriculture to the best extra virgin olive oil in our country and gold medals from the International Olive Oil Council.

It is an organic extra virgin olive oil of early harvest and cold extraction in the province of Malaga, where it has won the last contests to the best oils of that province. Its most international variety is the hojiblanca and it is the one that has given them more prestige. Another variety of oil is the arbequina much softer and with an exquisite fruity and also have a coupage. The oil Finca la Torre Hojiblanca has a strong character in bitter and spicy and an intense fruity green olive with different sensory notes.

Finca la Torre is located in the town of Bobadilla, near Antequera. They have their own modern olive-oil mill in which, from October onwards, they produce the best extra virgin olive oil in Málaga.

Finca la Torre organic oil is on sale in our shop in 500 ml bottles and in cans of the same quantity. It has two flavored lemon and orange with which to give another special touch to our dishes. The oils with higher intensities are reserved for their limited edition Organi One bottles.

The oils bought in our shop are always from the new harvest and this also makes the difference with other portals. Taking care to the maximum the quality of the product and of the service. This is the best internet portal where you can buy Finca la Torre oil.