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At the foot of Sierra Morena, between the Sierras de Andújar and Despeñaperros, in the town of Arquillos, in the Condado region, is Finca Las Manillas with our mountain olive grove divided into two parts: the old high-altitude olive grove in full mountains and the new olive grove area, which is outlined in the flattest part, with gentle hills.

The olive grove plantation of Finca Las Manillas is traditional in a frame of 11×11 meters in which each olive tree is 3 feet. It has irrigation throughout its entire length, ensuring regularity in production and quality in each campaign.

At Finca Las Manillas we pamper our trees in all phases and exclusively select the best olives to obtain our extra virgin olives. In our mill, we only produce olive oil from our own harvest, mostly of the picual and arbequina variety under our Noviembre and Las Manillas brands, where the operations carried out to obtain our olive oil adhere to differentiated quality systems.

Our olive grove philosophy makes us look to the future as a sustainable way of life, in conjunction with man and his habitat. For this reason, on our farm we are committed to integrated production, using biological and chemical control methods, such as the use of organic fertilizers from pruning residues, we maintain the plant covers between the aisles of our olive grove, which naturally help to fight against soil erosion, and we promote the consolidation of the ecosystem's own fauna.

At Finca Las Manillas we have an agricultural production that is compatible with the search for a more natural, sustainable world and the protection of the environment.