Magna Sur

Produced in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park in Jaén.

Agriculture 100% Integrated Production, respectful with the Environment.

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He was born in the year 1950...

On the part of a large group of olive growers, the need to defend their agricultural production by starting up their own olive oil industry.

That initial germ grew year after year, both in the number of associated olive growers and in the oil production capacity.

In 1994 the Bedmarense merged with the other local cooperative, the S.C.A. San Isidro. As a result of this important step, the remaining four presses are replaced by another two new continuous equipment, with which the milling capacity reaches 400,000 kg per day, and fourteen stainless steel tanks are installed for the best quality oils, which raise the possibility of storage up to 2,900,000 kg.

The modern facility includes a large manufacturing area that, at first, housed the five grinding lines of the old factory; a splendid winery with stainless steel tanks whose joint capacity reaches 3,000,000 kg, complemented by an outdoor storage for 1,500,000 kg of inferior quality oils; a bottling plant, an office area and offices and a large hall for assemblies.

The project also includes an extensive reception and handling yard, and warehouses for phytosanitary products and fertilizers.

We also incorporated a biomass plant to generate olive stones for home heating, taking advantage of the by-products of the olive grove, from the extraction of olive oil.

On the other hand, the leaves and fine sticks resulting from cleaning the olives in the fruit reception yard are separated to be used as food for sheep and goats in the area.

In the 2010s, new manufacturing equipment replaced that of the 1990s. With this, we continue to improve the mill to produce higher quality extra virgin olive oil and expand the milling capacity, which far exceeds 550,000 kg per day.