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    Give this exclusive pack of Melgarejo Premium extra virgin olive oil from Jaen with 6 bottles of 500 ml.

    In this pack you can choose 6 bottles of any of our new vintage varieties or you can receive a combination of Pack 6 Melgarejo tasting bottles with: 1 Arbequina + 2 Picual + 1 Composition + 1 Frantoio + 1 Hojiblanca.

    With this second option, you can discover a wonderful world of sensations with the Frutados Premium range by purchasing the best varieties on the Spanish oil market (some of which are native to Jaén) together with a 'Composición' that combines the 4 aforementioned varieties (arbequina, picual, frantoio and hojiblanca), seeking the right olfactory-gustatory term.

    Box of 6 units of 500 Ml.

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    Melgarejo Pack Varieties. Box with 6 bottles of 500 ml.

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    Give this exclusive Melgarejo oil pack with 6 bottles of 500 ml. of all the varieties of extra virgin olive oil Premium from Jaén. 

    This pack contains 6 bottles divided into the following varieties: 1 bottle of arbequina, 1 bottle of composition, 1 bottle of hojiblanca, 1 bottle of frantoio and 2 bottles of picual of 500ml.

    This Melgarejo oil pack presents its entire range of gourmet oils so that you can acquire a unique tasting experience that will awaken all your senses. Among the varieties we can find some native to Jaén, as well as a 'composition', which combines the 4 varieties mentioned (arbequina, picual, frantoio and hojiblanca), looking for the right olfactory-gustatory term.

    Box 6 units of 500 ml

  • Melgarejo Pack Varieties. Case with 5 bottles of 250 ml.

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    (€10.05 unidad)

    Melgarejo variety pack is an ideal gift that includes a box of 5 bottles of 250 ml of the varieties arbequina, frantoio, hojiblanca, composition (coupage) and picual.

    This set of Melgarejo Premium are five high quality oils produced in their oil mills in Jaén from the best fruits of each year. They are oils of excellence in which the fragrance is shown in an intense way together with a pleasant flavour and complex character.

    Its beautiful packaging stands out, ideal as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays, Father's or Mother's Day, or simply at any time when we want to treat ourselves to the experience of tasting one of the most awarded oils from Jaén.

    Box of 5 pcs. 250 ml

  • Melgarejo Picual and Composition. Case with 2 bottles of 500 ml.

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    (€12.70 unidad)

    Give this Melgarejo picual and composition (coupage) pack in a nice packaging with polka dot motifs. These two oils have an intense aroma, a very pleasant taste and a complex character.

    The picual variety is characteristic of Jaén and is distinguished by an intense and fruity aroma with hints of green oil, tomato, green apple, banana peel and freshly cut grass. It has a medium bitterness on the palate, with a slight spiciness that is very marked in the picual variety. Intense, aromatic and fresh oil.

    To speak of Melgarejo composition is to speak of a coupage that unites the Arbequina, Picual, Frantoio and Hojiblanca varieties, in a perfect olfactory-gustatory balance. A real jewel of liquid gold available in our shop.

    Box 2 bottles of 500 ml

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    Melgarejo Premium Coupage. Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml.

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    Melgarejo Premium Coupage comes from the best fruits of each year. They are oils of excellence in which the fragrance is displayed in an intense way and its flavor is very pleasant and complex in nature. Made of picual, arbequina, hojiblanca and frantoio varieties.

    Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml

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    Melgarejo Premium Picual. Box with 6 bottles of 500 ml.

    Price €76.20
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    Melgarejo Premium has five very high quality oils, made with the best fruit of each year. Its Picual variety has an intense fruity green olive with shades of tomato, apple, banana, alloza and freshly cut grass.

    Box with 6 bottles of 500 ml. 

Melgarejo Premium.

Melgarejo produces 5 oils of supreme quality. These come from the best olives of the year. Its excellent smell is intense and in mouth the flavor is appetizing and with complex character.

Perfect to accompany any recipe. You can find monovarietal oils (arbequina, frantoio, hojiblanca and picual) or a complex composition of varieties where taste and smell cannot explain the sensations of this oil.

Organic Melgarejo.

Harmony and freshness are the properties that identify this oil together with a sweet base with balanced and mitigated spicy and bitter, intense fruity flavor, aromas of tomato, apple, banana, alloza and freshly cut grass.

Elongated aftertaste with fresh and pleasant palatability. Ideal for salads, desserts, hot and cold dishes.

Deluxe Pack.

The perfect gift, 2 bottles 500ml or 5 bottles of 250ml extra virgin olive oil.

These packs allow you to enjoy the different oils and thus be able to differentiate them and appreciate the differences that identify each one.

It also presents a new Deluxe Mini format with Premium oils in 100ml bottles, the best culinary gift.

Company gift, if you come as a guest to any lunch or dinner ... It's your perfect ally.

Variety Selection.

If you are looking for a mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an intense flavor, this multi-variety oil is yours.

Taste designed for the consumption of any public. The format of 375ml is ideal for cooking, dressing...

Original Picual.

Monovarietal oil from picual olives, a variety typical of the region of Jaén. It can be used as a crude oil, but it can also be used in the kitchen.

Discover its tones of grass and tomato, fresh and balanced flavors.

Own Harvest.

Oil certified by the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen de Sierra Mágina. It comes from picual olives, mainly suitable for daily use in the kitchen.

Great value for money.

Perfect for fried foods, salads, meats, potatoes, pasta…