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The brand Nobleza del Sur has its main value in the family olive trees that extend through the different geographical areas of the province of Jaén in Andalusia.

All elaborated Extra Virgin Oils contain the properties and characteristics of the different lands and soils of the territory of Jaén.

They have a fruity profile derived from the continental Mediterranean microclimate and the land bathed by the Guadalquivir River.

Nobleza del Sur is characterised by having all its Extra Virgin Olive Oils "de pago". That is to say, the olive grove is cultivated in specific zones, giving unique qualities to its olives, and, therefore, to its oils.

The olives are harvested at the optimum point of ripeness and worked and so the oils are elaborated in oil mills within the olive grove or as close to it as possible. If this were not enough, it is also necessary to have extraction and packaging systems that can guarantee quality.

Centenarium premium

Thanks to the proximity of the Guadalimar river, morning dew is produced in the "Vista Alegre" estate, in the countryside of Jaén. This makes this oil come from a peculiar Mediterranean microclimate favouring peculiarities and giving the name and the differentiating note.

Premium monovarietal Arbequina

For the lovers of the intense fruity flavor, it culminates in sweet, wild and aromatic herbs, making a homage to the plants of the earth that grow in the same olive grove, characteristic of the low mountain.

Family Reserve

From the "Los Añadíos" estate, Nobleza del Sur presents traditional, evocative aromas that demonstrate the passion for the land and the agricultural work that has been passed down from generation to generation for years.


Nobleza del Sur uses a tea mixIn addition to the traditional techniques together with the current technology with the aim of getting the best out of their harvests.

They use flying techniques in harvesting, periodically analyzing both the surface and the leaf. They control the growth and folial renewal that the plant needs.

They achieve a tasting of intense green fruity, balanced, elegant structure of intense complexity by selecting quality olives at the optimum point of properties and ripeness. The elaboration of the Extra Olive Oil is done at a very low temperature. Aromas with aftertaste are extracted from the plants that are born among the olive trees thanks to the policy of agriculture that respects the environment.