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Olea Cosmeticos is a company run by 4 women. Cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil and organic olive oil are the main ingredients of these cosmetics.

Olea Cosmeticos is dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetics that are characterized by being natural and handcrafted. For them, skin care is fundamental and they are concerned that their cosmetics provide beneficial properties to the skin. To achieve this, they use olive oil and medicinal plants that generate benefits for the skin.

In addition, in recent years introduced a range of products containing organic olive oil which combined the beneficial properties of their products with those of this oil.

In total, it has four product ranges:

- Products dedicated to personal hygiene

- Body Creams

- Massage oils

- Colonies and perfumes

The members of Olea Cosméticos Natural prepare details for weddings, communions and events in general, and also teaches the public that visits your company to prepare this type of products.

Olea Cosmetics belongs to the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, and due to this, it obtains a quality certificate granted by the Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía, seal of quality of the Parques Naturales de Andalucía.

Olea Cosméticos has received both national and regional awards:

- Award for excellence, in Madrid, granted by the Department of the Environment.

- Prize for rural women, by the University of Jaén.