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Oro Bailén is a brand born in Jaén, located in the Sierra Norte, in 2002, initially dedicated to the manufacture of bricks, and after knowing the market for Extra Virgin Olive Oil decided to develop its own line of oil.

Aceite Oro Bailén awards: Oro Bailén has received numerous national and international awards, such as the best extra virgin olive oil for Expoliva 2017, gold medal in Picual and Arbequina oils for the "International Oil China Competition Shanghai 2017", Two Stars for Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Arbequina in the UK, and a long list of other awards.

Oro Bailén oil is divided into two types, in reference to its two exploitations, "La Casa del Agua" and "Los Juncales", the first is a farm in the countryside and the second a farm in Sierra Morena.

Thus, Galgón 99, S.L. was created in 2005, a company that produces and sells extra virgin olive oil, which is also respectful of the environment, using waste as organic fertilizer or keeping the vegetation cover in half of the litters. It has the advantage of an excellent location between the Meseta and the Guadalquivir Valley, a climate that favours the growth and development of its olive groves, and has a numerous and varied fauna.

Oro Bailén is a brand that is committed to offering the best quality to its customers and informing them of the qualities of its products, so much so that it carries it out as its corporate philosophy slogan. Teach consumers what is really important about the oil, its uses, the types of oils available according to their variety, the time in which they are collected and their tastes. And so, to show you what type of oil is necessary for each dish.