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    Tuccioliva Gran Seleccion - Box of 48 bottles 100 ml for weddings...

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    (€3.20 unidad 250 ml)

    Tuccioliva Gran Selección extra virgin olive oil for weddings and communions offers you this small size format of 100 ml to offer your guests gourmet miniatures at weddings, communions or other types of events.

    Tuccioliva oil is a green picual oil with aromas of tomato, apple, freshly cut grass and a multitude of other sensory notes that make it a complex and balanced oil.

    Box of 48 bottles of 100 ml

  • Tuccioliva mirror case picual 500 ml

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    Do you want a premium quality olive oil? Tuccioliva extra virgin olive oil, one of the most renowned EVOOs in the province of Jaén, comes from the municipality of Martos, a small town in the southern countryside whose olive trees are considered the best in the world. It has been awarded many national and international prizes, as detailed below.

    This Tuccioliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the picual variety. Enjoy its flavour with a fine, fresh and balanced fruity touch, with hardly any bitterness and hints of herbs and tomato. Its production is carried out in October with the harvesting of green olives and by means of a cold extraction process.  

    Special case with mirrors containing 1 bottle of 500 ml.

  • Tuccioliva Mystic. Box with 15 bottles of 250ml with case.

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    (€7.00 unidad)

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has become an essential ingredient in both Mediterranean and international cuisine. Its flavour and aroma give each dish that extra something that world-class chefs use in each of their preparations.

    Alone or as a base in the preparation of a dish, olive oil is always present on the table of any diner. 

    Over the years we have become more expert in detecting the quality, the type of olive, the texture... that is why we are not satisfied with just any oil and we look for quality before price.

    For all these reasons we would like to present the Tuccioliva Mystic Extra Virgin Olive Oil pack with 15 bottles of 250 ml, a must on your table.

    Box of 15 units

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    Tuccioliva Sirena Picual. Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml.

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    (€11.50 unidad 500 ml)

    Tuccioliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most prestigious olive oils in the province of Jaén. This EVOO comes from the municipality of Martos, a small town in the southern countryside whose olive trees are considered to be the best in the world. 

    Tuccioliva Sirena oil, of picual variety, has a very balanced flavour, with hardly any bitterness and very well modulated. It is made in October with the harvesting of green olives and cold extraction processes. 

    Tuccioliva Sirena is perfect for pairing with cold, warm and hot dishes. Ideal for dressing all kinds of salads, white meats and grilled or steamed fish.

    Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml.

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Buy high quality Tuccioliva gourmet olive oil. The best quality and price in Aceite Oliva Online.

Tuccioliva extra virgin olive oil has a superior category and is already obtained through only mechanical processes and is obtained directly from olives.

Tuccioliva Olive Oil is an oil recognized worldwide thanks to the awards obtained both nationally and internationally, so it is not just an oil known in the province of Jaen as it is obtained from the olive trees planted in the town of Martos. These years as some others have been one of the 10 best of the province of Jaen.

The San Amador Cooperative, which produces it, has been included in the prestigious ranking "The World´s Best Olive Oils", a ranking that selects the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. In 2017 the cooperative from Marteña managed to place its AOVE among the twenty best olive oils in the world. It should be noted that of these twenty oils, thirteen of them are Spanish, with Oro Bailen oil being the best placed in the position with a fourth position.

As for the awards obtained during 2017, Tuccioliva won the gold medal for "Frutado Medio" and "Mejor Aceite" at the Los Angeles awards. Among many other awards he also won gold medals in Athens and Japan, Special Mention and "Golden Lion of Italy".