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Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa. Box with 6 bottles of 250 ml.
  • Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa. Box with 6 bottles of 250 ml.
  • Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa. Box with 6 bottles of 250 ml.
  • Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa. Box with 6 bottles of 250 ml.

Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa. Box with 6 bottles of 250 ml.


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Castillo de Canena arbequina & Harissa is a unique product. This extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina variety with harissa sauce, is composed of dry red pepper, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway. This contrast creates an explosion of spicy and fresh taste.

The toasted aromas and the spiciness of the cayenne stand out in the foreground, followed by an aftertaste of the other spices: garlic, coriander and caraway. This exotic mix of aromas is joined by the fresh and intense fruitiness of the green olive from Jaen, characteristic of the arbequina variety.

It is an ideal oil for barbecues, chicken wings, sandwiches, chips, corn on the cob or hamburgers. It can also marry perfectly with salads or vegetable sandwiches.

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Castillo de Canena Arbequina & Harissa Oil

The combination of Castillo de Canena arbequina extra virgin olive oil and harissa sauce creates fragrances and flavours of spices, offering a fruity herbal taste. Harissa sauce is typical of Mediterranean cuisine from North Africa and is becoming very popular in the rest of the world.

Traditionally, Harissa has been closely related to the Maghreb region: the northwest corner of Africa that touches the Mediterranean Sea and consists of the countries of Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya. The Harissa has been at the centre of Maghreb cuisine since the explorers of the New World first introduced the pepper from the high Andean region of Peru to Europe in the 16th century.

The chillies travelled to North Africa together with the Spanish colonisers and with the travelling spice merchants, and began to appear in the souks, where spices were added and Harissa sauce was adapted to each local cuisine

The oil tasting of Castillo de Canena arbequina and Harissa: it presents in the foreground the toasted and pungent aromas of the cayenne pepper, followed by the other spices, where each of them can be perfectly identified in the aftertaste: garlic, coriander and caraway. To this, we can add a weighted and intensified combination with the fruity and green aromas of the fresh arbequina olive juice.

Castillo de Canena is a unique family business, involved in the whole process of creating the extra virgins: from the tree to its commercialization. The farm is located in the province of Jaén. It works under the API certification, an environmentally friendly way of agriculture, halfway between traditional and organic farming. The farm passes monthly audits that certify compliance with all standards. Currently, most of the farm is being reconverted to organic farming.

Most important awards:

The most important national and international awards, including the Spanish Food Award from the Ministry of Agriculture in 2016 for the picual variety, Sol D'Oro 2016 awards for Biodynamics, Flos Olei 2016 for the best olive oil company, awarded in Jaen Selection each year, second prize in Mario Solinas from the IOC, first prize in Biol 2016, magazines such as Biopress or Feinschmecker in Germany, awards from China and Japan, etc.

Every year it compiles a multitude of these awards that guarantee its dedication and effort for the quality of the oils it produces.

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All the oils produced are kept in stainless steel tanks for perfect conservation. Once bottled, they are kept away from light and heat sources.


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