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Cooking oils

Buy quality extra virgin olive oil for cooking. Online olive oil

Cooking oils

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    Melgarejo Classic. Box with 6 bottles of 1L.

    Price €37.26
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    (€6.21 unidad)

    Melgarejo Clásico is an extra virgin olive oil. Its basic range comes from olives of different varieties, predominantly the picual variety. It has a medium fruity green olive with touches of tomato. 

    Melgarejo Classic  free shipping in peninsula

    Box with 6 bottles of 1L.

  • Peña de Martos, Box 12 bottles of 1 liters

    Price €71.25
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    (€4.75 unidad)

    Buy extra virgin olive oil Peña de Martos at the best price

    During many campaigns it has captivated the palate with the sweet taste of a good olive oil from Martos. This oil is made from the middle of November, with picual olive. It is a fresh, balanced oil, with notes of herbs and tomatoes.

    Box of 12 units of 1L

  • Casa del Agua of Oro Bailén, Box of 12 bottles

    Price €56.40
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    (€4.70 unidad)

    Casa del Agua Oro Bailén oil has a smooth and balanced fruity flavour. It has been produced since the 19th century in Villanueva de la Reina in Jaén. A town at an altitude of 400 metres, in the foothills of Sierra Morena. This oil is produced with Picual variety. Its intensity is medium-low, which makes it an ideal pairing for any food of the Mediterranean diet.

    It is a very stable, balanced and smooth EVOO, although with great body, which makes it a very suitable oil for use in traditional cooking: frying, sautéing and stews. It has nuances reminiscent of tomato or almond and presents a perfect balance between bitterness and spiciness. Sweet on the palate with a slight bitterness. Accompanied at the end by a slight spiciness.

    Contains a box of 12 carafes of 1 litre.

Buy quality extra virgin olive oil for use in cooking.

They are fruited oils from the early harvest of the month of November. They are sold in five liter carafes and other EVOO formats.

Buy extra virgin olive oil to use in cooking. These cooking oils have the best quality to enjoy the experience of AOVE also in cooking.

These extra virgin olive oils are fruity oils harvested early in November.

In the web we can find several types of oil, depending on each one it will have an intense fruity flavor, sweet or soft aromas, harmonic and balanced, and diverse intensities.

You can find olive oil in various AOVE formats, both in carafes of various sizes and in boxes of several bottles.