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Cooking oils

Buy quality extra virgin olive oil for cooking. Online olive oil

Cooking oils

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  • Location: Andalucia, Cordoba
  • Aldea de Don Gil. Box with 3 bottles of 5L.

    Price €71.36
    5 5

    (€23.79 unidad)

    Aldea de Don Gil is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from lands located in the vicinity of the "Sierras de la Subbética" Natural Park, in Córdoba, with a medium fruity taste of ripe olives with green tones.

    Aldea Don Gil, and through this format, presents us with an excellent Aove for cooking, being a very good choice for all those who seek to perfect the flavours obtained in their recipes to the highest level.

    Box of 3 bottles of 5 litres.


    Price €62.70
    5 5

    (€10.45 unidad)

     Aldea de Don Gil extra virgin olive oil denotes aromas that we can relate to the fig tree, almond or olive leaf, among others. On the palate, it begins with a sweet entrance that reminds us of tomato, to continue with a very light bitterness that reaches its end with a slight aftertaste of throat itchiness.

    This extra virgin olive oil, which comes from unbeatable areas in terms of tradition and olive growing conditions, is therefore a safe bet when it comes to its use in cooking.

    6 carafes of 2 litres.

Buy quality extra virgin olive oil for use in cooking.

They are fruited oils from the early harvest of the month of November. They are sold in five liter carafes and other EVOO formats.

Buy extra virgin olive oil to use in cooking. These cooking oils have the best quality to enjoy the experience of AOVE also in cooking.

These extra virgin olive oils are fruity oils harvested early in November.

In the web we can find several types of oil, depending on each one it will have an intense fruity flavor, sweet or soft aromas, harmonic and balanced, and diverse intensities.

You can find olive oil in various AOVE formats, both in carafes of various sizes and in boxes of several bottles.