Peña de Martos - 12 bottles 500 Ml
  • Peña de Martos - 12 bottles 500 Ml
  • Peña de Martos - 12 bottles 500 Ml

Peña de Martos - 12 bottles 500 Ml


(€5.00 unidad 500 ml)

Peña de Martos olive oil is 100% natural, as it is made only through physical and mechanical procedures, allowing us to obtain an exquisite juice.

This variety, called Marteña or Picual, has a strong personality due to its peculiar colour. During the experience we can appreciate fruity, fresh and perfumed nuances.

Its flavour is characterised by a slight bitterness that leaves a prolonged aftertaste reminiscent of the leaves of the tree.



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Buy Peña de Martos extra virgin olive oil for cooking

Peña de Martos extra virgin olive oil belongs to the picual variety. Thanks to its flavour and personality, it is perfect for lovers of oil with a sweet taste. It is produced from the second half of November onwards. Always being very strict with the controls both in the cultivation phase and in the harvesting of the olives and, of course, in all the mechanical and conservation processes. They follow a meticulous production process that goes from the cultivation phase to its conservation, always taking care of the details in order to obtain a top quality product.

Properties of Peña de Martos olive oil

this oil is one of the top international oils for lovers of liquid gold. The properties of this oil are very peculiar. 

In its colour, we can appreciate yellowish-green tones with golden and luminous touches.

In its smell, the nuances of aromatic herbs and fresh fruits stand out.

As for its flavour, it is characterised by its sweetness, which leaves a long aftertaste with spicy hints.

Most important awards for Peña de Martos oil

Peña de Martos, has won several international awards such as:

Prestige Gold Medal at the International Terraolivo 2011 Competition in Jerusalem (Israel) and the Silver Medal at the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Los Angeles (USA).


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500 ml bottle
Andalucia, Jaen
500 ml