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When we talk about early harvesting, we mean olives harvested from mid-October to mid-November. The yellowish green colour of the olives indicates that the harvesting period is near. Only through the extraction in avencor can an exact date of harvest be established.

The production of these gourmet oils is done very delicately because any badly done process will cause the fruit or oil to degrade. The economic costs are very high as the amount of extra virgin olive oil produced is much lower in the month of October than in December.

There are dozens of varieties of olive oil in Spain but there are three that are the most used;

- Arbequina Olive Oil

- Picual Olive Oil

- Hojiblanca Olive Oil


  • Abbae Queiles

    Enjoy a quality Abbae olive oil at the best price

  • Castillo de Canena

    Family business with olive tradition since 1780, producer of extra virgin olive oils recognized worldwide and committed to sustainability and innovation.

  • Cladium

    CLADIVM is an intense fruity of green olive. On the nose: a balanced set of apple, freshly cut green grass, tomato, alloza, aromatic herbs and banana. In the mouth it is very aromatic and persistent, with sweet entry and progress to bitter of moderate intensity and moderate spice.

  • Finca La Torre

    Finca la Torre occupies for more than 2,200 years a prominent place in the fascinating world of the production and the commerce of olive oil. This is no accident.

  • Melgarejo Gourmet

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Melgarejo is considered by the experts tasters of the most demanding panels, for years, as one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world.

  • Nobleza del Sur

    Company involved in the complete process of obtaining extra virgin olive oils of exceptional quality, we take care of the cultivation of our olive trees, harvesting, processing, storage, packaging and marketing.

  • Portico de la Villa

    Extra virgin olive oil Portico de la Villa

  • Oleove Bio-Gourmet

    Oleove meets all the requirements of a top quality product and therefore will inevitably be an essential tool for all lovers of gourmet and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Oro Bailen

    Discover our variety of Bailén Gold in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Oro del desierto

    Extra virgin olive oil Oro del Desierto

  • Tuccioliva

    The olive oil Tuccioliva, is one of the extra virgin oils more recognized of the province of Jaén. This oil is located in the municipality Jienense de Martos, and year after year it fills its showcases with the best prizes nationally and internationally. This year without going further has been chosen as one of the 8 best oils of the province of Jaén.

  • Omed

    For eight years we have combined our passion for extra virgin olive oil and work, with the experience and tradition of our father Juan de Dios, and without forgetting the family roots of the company.

    O-Med is a small oil mill, located in Acula (Granada).

  • Balcon del Guadalquivir

    The Balcon del guadalquivir olive oil belong to the San Felipe Cooperative. It is a premium extra virgin olive oil with picual variety

  • Casas de Hualdo

    Enjoy a quality Casas de Hualdo olive oil at the best price.

  • Almazaras de la Subbética

    Almazaras de la Subbética

  • Nueva Cosecha
  • Verde Esmeralda
  • Aceites con historia
  • Aceite sin filtrar
  • Premium Ecológicos

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