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  • Verde Esmeralda Premium Green bottle Picual 500 ml.

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    Verde Esmeralda is a premium 100% picual extra virgin olive oil from Jaen that is harvested in six nights and the temperature of the mill is controlled.

    It is presented in a bottle that represents the shapes and structure of an emerald.

    This oil of the Picual Variety shows aromas of fresh grass, fig and tomato. It comes from olive fields next to the Guadalquivir.

    Case of 1 bottle of 500 ml 

  • Castillo de Canena First day harvest Picual. 6 Red bottles of 500 ml

    Price €130.62
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    (€21.77 unidad 500 ml)

    Oil Castillo de Canena first day of harvest of the picual variety. Extra virgin olive oil fruity to green olive with predominance of herbaceous notes.

    Castillo de Canena's First Day of Harvest Picual is ideal for grilled meats, highlighting their juiciness and flavour, for salads, tomato soups, gazpacho, assorted Iberian products or simply on a good piece of toasted village bread.

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    Box of 6 units of 500 ml

  • Tuccioliva mirror case picual 500 ml

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    Do you want a premium quality olive oil? Tuccioliva extra virgin olive oil, one of the most renowned EVOOs in the province of Jaén, comes from the municipality of Martos, a small town in the southern countryside whose olive trees are considered the best in the world. It has been awarded many national and international prizes, as detailed below.

    This Tuccioliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the picual variety. Enjoy its flavour with a fine, fresh and balanced fruity touch, with hardly any bitterness and hints of herbs and tomato. Its production is carried out in October with the harvesting of green olives and by means of a cold extraction process.  

    Special case with mirrors containing 1 bottle of 500 ml.

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When we talk about early harvesting, we mean olives harvested from mid-October to mid-November. The yellowish green colour of the olives indicates that the harvesting period is near. Only through the extraction in avencor can an exact date of harvest be established.

The production of these gourmet oils is done very delicately because any badly done process will cause the fruit or oil to degrade. The economic costs are very high as the amount of extra virgin olive oil produced is much lower in the month of October than in December.

There are dozens of varieties of olive oil in Spain but there are three that are the most used;

- Arbequina Olive Oil

- Picual Olive Oil

- Hojiblanca Olive Oil