Oil Tasting glasses

Oil Tasting glasses

Tasting glasses for Olive Oil official and color blue and red

Oil Tasting glasses

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  • Olive oil tasting set with glass

    Price €48.49
    5 5

    (€44.76 por caja)

    Pack to enjoy the varieties of olive oil.

    It allows to have a better experience in tasting of these oils. 

    Pack consisting of: glass with lid + a shot of tasting + dish tasting oil.  

  • Olive wood tray with an oil bowl

    Price €16.09
    5 5

    (€16.09 por unidad)

    Elegant olive wood tray to place a bowl of oil and taste the different varieties of extra virgin olive oils.

    Olive tray and a bowl of oil

  • Red Garnet cup for tasting extra virgin olive oil

    Price €29.26
    5 5

    (€4.88 por unidad)

    The garnet red oil tasting glass allows the taster to appreciate the oil through taste and smell, and thus not be influenced by the colour of the oil.

    The size of the cup is 7cm, being wider at the bottom to prevent the oil from spilling; this size also allows you to hold the cup with one hand and to heat it up.

    6 ud/case

    Offers from 13 or 33 cases

  • Biodegradable Oil Tasting Cup.

    Price €104.00
    5 5

    (€7.58 100 uds)

    The biodegradable cup allows us to experience extra virgin olive oil as a professional would. Respectful to the environment.

    10 Bags with 100 pcs.

  • Oil tasting and tasting pack

    Price €68.06
    5 5

    Pack for olive oil tasting. 

    Taste oil in all its varieties.

    Enjoy a unique tasting experience wherever and whenever you want.

    The pack consists of:

    1 tasting glass

    1 tasting glass

    2 Cup and glass covers

    1 Tasting plate

    1 Shot

  • Olive oil tasting plate

    Price €14.55
    5 5

    Olive oil tasting plate. Enjoy the liquid gold through this dish. It has the perfect design to appreciate its flavor at its best. 

    1 unit

  • Olive oil tasting glass

    Price €13.05
    5 5

    Glass for tasting extra virgin olive oil, checking the smell, taste and texture of each oil. Resistant to temperature changes that occur in the tests. 

    Case 1 unit

  • Olive oil tasting shot

    Price €53.12
    5 5

    (€8.17 unidad)

    Shot for the tasting of extra virgin olive oil.

    It allows to discover the sensations of the liquid gold at low temperatures.

    Case of 6 units

  • 6 olive oil tasting glasses + 6 watch glasses

    Price €34.71
    5 5

    (€5.78 copa+vidrio)

    Official tasting cup regulated by the IOC with its corresponding glass to cover it and prevent the entrance of dust or particles in suspension and the loss of the most volatile aromas.

    A case includes: 6 glasses and 6 glasses.

    Special promotion for purchases over 7 cases:

    Lot 8 Cases: 48 Cups and 48 Glasses

    Lot 16 Cases: 96 Cups and 96 Glasses

  • Official olive oil tasting glasses COI. Case with 6 units

    Price €29.26
    5 5

    (€4.88 unidad)

    Official tasting glass regulated by the International Olive oil Council. The tasting panels are responsible for cataloging the different qualities of olive oils. It is necessary to use these special blue glasses because it hide the color of the oil (this is not an indicator of the quality of an oil and can lead to confusion).

    This case contains 6 glasses

This is the online shop with the greatest variety of specific products for tasting extra virgin olive oil. We are professional tasters and we work with the best brands. We mention below the full range of products that can be purchased with a single click.

Oil tasting glasses are available in different colours and formats:

The official blue tasting cup is regulated by the IOC. This cup is the most used in all official tasting worldwide. Its blue color prevents you from seeing the color of the oil and has a shape that makes the aromas accumulate for later inspiration. You can buy these oil tasting glasses in packs that have a considerable reduction in price.

Red cup oil tasting is also regulated by the IOC and is of an earlier appearance. The manufacturer of this garnet or red glass is Elaia Zait who does a very important job in the valuation of olive oil. As it is red, it prevents you from seeing the colour of the oil and has the same characteristics as the blue glass.

The clock glasses used to cover the tasting glass are 60 mm and cover the mouth perfectly so that the aromas are retained in it.

Oil tasting glasses are for tasting and oil tasting. They are designed by Elaia Zait together with the tasting glass. They have a special shape that is ideal for enjoying the flavour and smell of the oil and also the colour, as they are transparent glass glasses that allow the oil to be seen in its maximum splendour. Both the tasting glass and the glass have a lid that adapts perfectly to its opening.

The biodegradable glasses for olive oil tasting are a great answer for informal tasting, but with great satisfaction of attendees. These glasses also have a lid so that the aromas do not escape. In addition, we can taste the oil in a satisfactory way and take care of the environment at the same time.

Elaia Zait's dish with which to enjoy a good extra virgin olive oil is a good option, it is elegant and has a shape that allows to wet the bread and to drain it lightly. The shot to taste oil is also exclusive to this brand that allows you to take the oil very cold.

Olive wood trays and other products that are made from these trees centers have been in our land for centuries and that make us what we are.

In the oil tasting cup section you will find the most important instruments for making and enjoying gourmet EVOOs.