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Cosmetics and jams with EVOO.

Buy natural cosmetics with olive oil. These products found on the Aceite Oliva Online page are cosmetics whose main ingredients are extra virgin olive oil and organic olive oil.

The cosmetics with AOVE are characterized by being natural and handmade. These products with olive oil have their basis in the care of the skin and in the contribution of beneficial properties for this one. To achieve this, we use olive oil and medicinal plants that generate benefits in the skin.

In addition to olive oil and medicinal plants, organic olive oil has begun to be used to create a new range of products.

Currently, the range of products it has is:

- Products dedicated to personal hygiene: Medicinal plant shampoo, dermo gel, antiseptic soap, nourishing soap and body milk.

- Body creams, such as lip and face cream.

- Massage oils: Almond oil, therapeutic oil, nutritive and circulation oil.

- Colonies and perfumes

All these products incorporate among their components olive oil or medicinal plants providing a great amount of benefits in their use.

The products are elaborated in a territory that belongs to the Natural Park Sierra Mágina, and due to this, it obtains a certificate of quality granted by the Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía, seal of quality of the Natural Parks of Andalusia.