Verde Esmeralda Blue Sapphire bottle Organic Picual 500 ml
  • Verde Esmeralda Blue Sapphire bottle Organic Picual 500 ml

Verde Esmeralda Blue Sapphire bottle Organic Picual 500 ml


Verde Esmeralda Blue Shapire is an organic extra virgin olive oil 100% picual.

It is presented in a bottle that represents the shapes and structure of a sapphire.

This oil of the organic Picual Variety from Jaen has a strong personality, with an intense green colour, and shows aromas of fresh grass, fig, tomato, alloza and citrus fruits. On the palate, it is sweet, medium-bitter and a little more spicy, all very balanced. Picual Organic, has a more intense future than the conventional Picual, this is due to the use of only organic products for the fertilization of the olive trees.

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Blue Sapphire Emerald Green Olive Oil

Verde Esmeralda Blue Sapphire oil is a gourmet extra virgin olive oil made from the early harvest olives from the first six nights of harvesting. The packaging emulates the shape of a sapphire in its blue splendour, being one of the four most recognized gems in the world for traditional jewellery (diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire). 

This edition is a unique jewel that keeps inside the precious liquid gold of the most awarded and acclaimed olive groves of Jaén. This 500 ml. bottle boasts an organic extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety with an intense green colour, fresh grass aroma but with a fruity and intense taste in the mouth

Verde Esmeralda Blue Shapphire has an intense personality, with a medium density and bitterness. It stands out in this oil that is going to acquire the picual characteristic of Jaén, with a high proportion of oleic acid. In its sensorial profile we discover an intense fruity to green olive, fig tree, grass, stem, and even citrus and tomato tree. Its entrance is sweet, that walks towards the medium bitterness and a slight spiciness of the Picual Organic.

Production of Verde Esmeralda spanish oil

The production of this unique oil in the world is based on the ancestral principles of care and absolute respect for the environment. These techniques, combined with current and innovative knowledge, with maximum attention to aesthetics and a commitment to creating a legendary product, have led to the creation of Verde Esmeralda.

With the sole objective of creating the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world, Verde Esmeralda invents and perfects techniques to obtain a unique quality. With great care and special attention, the best fruit is harvested by hand.

Obtaining the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extremely delicate, with no thermal oscillations and at the right temperature from the moment the fruit is obtained until the extraction of this Elixir.

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All the oils produced are kept in stainless steel tanks for perfect conservation. Once bottled, they are kept away from light and heat sources.

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500 ml bottle
Andalucia, Jaen
500 ml