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  • Balcón del Guadalquivir oil for weddings and events

    Price €64.15
    5 5

    (€3.56 por botella de 100 ml)

    Balcón del Guadalquivir is an extra virgin olive oil picual variety perfect for detail in weddings or communions, with an aroma that transports to a place of green grass, bright and clean, a taste with a perfect balance between bitter and spicy.

    This gourmet EVOO is ideal for dressing, marinating, pairing and enhancing the flavor of exquisite dishes that will surprise even the most demanding palate. The extra virgin olive oil Balcón del Guadalquivir is the ideal complement for salads, crudos, gazpachos or salmorejos cordobeses or even in a toast of bread covered with tomato and Iberian ham. Olive Oil from Jaen 100% quality guarantee Olive Oil Online.

    Box of 18 pcs of 100 ml.

  • Detail Oro Bailén for weddings, Baptisms and Communions.

    Price €149.76
    5 5

    (€3.12 unidad 100 ml)

     Ideal as a gift for events such as communions or weddings. Oro Bailén extra virgin olive oil stands out for its tomato, basil and almond aromas. It is ideal for pairing with meats and vegetables, without forgetting to leave behind a good bread with oil.

    It enhances the flavour of cheeses and vegetables and is also highly recommended to enhance the flavour of acorn-fed ham. Its presentation in small bottles of 100 ml makes it the perfect gift to give as a present.

    Box 48 pcs of 100 ml

  • Moisturising Soap with Aloe Vera Olea Cosmetics

    Price €3.60
    5 5

    Handmade soap with ecological extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ,oleo vera, rosemary honey and almond oil. It provides a great hydratation to the skin.

    Price per unit of 80 gr. It is possible to buy products per units and create your own selection.

  • Case 1 bottle Casas de Hualdo

    Price €11.41
    5 5

    (€11.41 Por botella)

    Elegant case of Casas de Hualdo extra virgin olive oil to enjoy an olive oil experience and surprise the palate, full of intense aromas and flavors varied for any type of taste.

    The case contains a 500 ml bottle

  • You can combine this Castillo de Canena oil case with the Arbequina & Harissa or Arbequina Plankton bottle. 

    With these gourmet oils Castillo de Canena offers unique sensations by combining its extra virgin oils with other foods to achieve a different and exquisite sensory experience.

    Combinable case of 2 bottles of 250 ml. Oak smoke + Harissa or Oak smoke + Plankton

  • Tuccioliva mirror case picual 500 ml

    Price €20.00
    5 5

    Do you want a premium quality olive oil? Tuccioliva extra virgin olive oil, one of the most renowned EVOOs in the province of Jaén, comes from the municipality of Martos, a small town in the southern countryside whose olive trees are considered the best in the world. It has been awarded many national and international prizes, as detailed below.

    This Tuccioliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the picual variety. Enjoy its flavour with a fine, fresh and balanced fruity touch, with hardly any bitterness and hints of herbs and tomato. Its production is carried out in October with the harvesting of green olives and by means of a cold extraction process.  

    Special case with mirrors containing 1 bottle of 500 ml.

  • EVOO Oro Bailén Gift Set 2 Bottles Picual and Arbequina & 2 Jams

    Price €146.68
    5 5

    (€29.34 Estuche)

    Oro Bailén presents an ideal gift box. It consists of two 250 ml bottles of Picual and Arbequina oil with 2 jams of 150 grams of these varieties.

    The delicious jellies are sweet, with the characteristic fruity taste of its Oro Bailen oils, giving it a unique flavour. Ideal to enjoy with toasted bread, all kinds of cheeses, pâtés, meat or fish sauces, salads, as well as in desserts, yoghurts, cake toppings and biscuits.

    EVOO arbequina blends the delicacy of its own aromas with the strength and character of the lands of the south. The picual has a bright green, luminous colour, with intense fresh olive fruitiness, and a great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, with banana, almond and tomato standing out.

    6 cases per box.

  • Oro Bailén EVOO Picual & Arbequina gift set. Box of 12 cases....

    Price €87.67
    5 5

    (€7.31 Por unidad)

    Enjoy the best flavour of Jaén with the EVOO Oro Bailén gift box containing two categories of oil, picual and arbequina.

    It presents an intense and complex green fruity, in which you can appreciate frank aromas of tomato (characteristic aroma of picual), apple, freshly cut grass, green banana, green almond, ..., and undoubtedly what marks this oil is its bitter - spicy balance, very pleasant.

    It is sweet on the palate, leaving a sensation of greenery and freshness on the palate.

    Small bottles to taste the best extra virgin olive oil.

    Box of 12 cases with 2 units of 100ml each.

  • Casas de Hualdo 4 bottles with pistachios.

    Price €40.04
    5 5

    (€40.04 pack)

    Casas de Hualdo exclusive case, to enjoy the 4 varieties of extra virgin olive oil monovarietal to the taste of each palate. Discover the different textures of these oils accompanied by pistachios grown in the same area.

    Box of 4 units and bottle of pistachios

  • Oro del Desierto Combinable Case. 3 bottles 250 ml.

    Price €26.36
    5 5

    Oro del Desierto gift box with 3 bottles that can be combined as desired. Among the combinations you can choose the 5 existing varieties: picual, arbequina, lechín, hojiblanca and coupage.

    The varieties of Oro del Desierto come from the best olive groves of Almeria in a first class Andalusian virgin olive oil awarded in several international competitions. They concentrate all the intensity of the best Andalusian olive oil.

    Case of 3 bottles of 250 ml

  • Case of 2 bottles Oro Bailén with cord handle. Combination picual...

    Price €122.46
    5 5

    (€20.41 Estuche)

    Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is elegant and balanced both on the nose and in the mouth. It is a full-bodied oil, with a slightly bitter and spicy taste, with aromas of wood, freshly cut grass and vegetables such as tomato and hints of green apple and almond. It is ideal with fish, pasta, sauces, fried foods and slow stews. It enhances the flavour of cheeses and vegetables and is also highly recommended to enhance the flavour of acorn-fed ham.

    On the other hand, arbequina oil is much smoother in the mouth and has fruity aromas such as banana and apple as its most characteristic notes.

     6 packs of 2 pcs of 500 ml 

  • Melgarejo Picual and Composition. Case with 2 bottles of 500 ml.

    Price €35.00
    5 5

    (€12.70 unidad)

    Give this Melgarejo picual and composition (coupage) pack in a nice packaging with polka dot motifs. These two oils have an intense aroma, a very pleasant taste and a complex character.

    The picual variety is characteristic of Jaén and is distinguished by an intense and fruity aroma with hints of green oil, tomato, green apple, banana peel and freshly cut grass. It has a medium bitterness on the palate, with a slight spiciness that is very marked in the picual variety. Intense, aromatic and fresh oil.

    To speak of Melgarejo composition is to speak of a coupage that unites the Arbequina, Picual, Frantoio and Hojiblanca varieties, in a perfect olfactory-gustatory balance. A real jewel of liquid gold available in our shop.

    Box 2 bottles of 500 ml

  • Casas de Hualdo case 3 bottles special edition

    Price €36.96
    5 5

    (€36.96 pack)

    Elegant special edition case of extra virgin olive oil. Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina varieties offering an exclusive experience that will allow the consumer to discover the nuances that characterize each of these monovarietals.

    Case of 3 units

  • Deluxe Oro Bailen deluxe box of 4 varieties of 500 ml

    Price €49.34
    5 5

    Deluxe box of 4 different varieties of Oro Bailén: picual, hojiblanca, frantoio and arbequina.

    Picual: Intense and complex green fruity, in which you can appreciate frank aromas of tomato, apple, freshly cut grass.  

    Arbequina: A medium fruity of fresh olives, with green aromas of herbs and green wheat; almond, apple and ripe banana stand out. 

    Hojiblanca: Medium fruity with predominantly herbaceous tones such as freshly cut grass and artichoke that blends with other notes such as green apple and almond, it is bitter and spicy balanced. 

    Frantoio: medium fruity with herbaceous and fruity components, grass and leaf blend with almond and red fruits with a soft and sweet entry in the mouth and low bitterness and spiciness.

    Case of 4 bottles of 500 ml

  • Tuccioliva Mystic. Box with 15 bottles of 250ml with case.

    Price €105.00
    5 5

    (€7.00 unidad)

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has become an essential ingredient in both Mediterranean and international cuisine. Its flavour and aroma give each dish that extra something that world-class chefs use in each of their preparations.

    Alone or as a base in the preparation of a dish, olive oil is always present on the table of any diner. 

    Over the years we have become more expert in detecting the quality, the type of olive, the texture... that is why we are not satisfied with just any oil and we look for quality before price.

    For all these reasons we would like to present the Tuccioliva Mystic Extra Virgin Olive Oil pack with 15 bottles of 250 ml, a must on your table.

    Box of 15 units

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    Pack of oils Castillo de Canena Harissa, Plankton and Oak Smoke Case of 6 bottles that includes 2 bottles of each promotion of 250 ml. each unit. 

    Castillo de Canena surprises again the lovers of the liquid gold with a fine selection of oils that mix the flavours of the sea with "Arbequina & Plankton"; of the desert with "Arbequina & Harissa"; and of the Mediterranean forest with "Arbequina Humo de Roble".

    With these unique oils you will discover a unique experience joining their extra virgin oils, other foods for a different and exquisite sensory experience. 

    Free shipping included in the Peninsula!

    Box of 6 bottles harissa, plankton and oak smoke 250 ml unit.

  • Castillo de Canena Arbequina & Co is an innovative case composed of four bottles of extra virgin olive oil with different essential oils from fruits, plants and flowers. Four different oils focused on the culinary field. 

    These bottles have an eyedropper that can be used to dose these extra virgin olive oils fused with essential oils on a multitude of recipes, cocktails or desserts.

    Box of 4 100 ml bottles

  • Fruity green olive with a predominance of herbaceous notes Picual variety.

    Fruity with fresh olive, notes of banana and apple the Arbequina variety.

    The limited edition first day of harvest uses the collection in the first days thus enhancing the freshness, aromas and flavor of these oils in its two picual and arbequina varieties.

    Free shipping on the peninsula!

    Box of 6 units of 500 ml

  • Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Arbequina and Picual varieties

    Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar picual has fruity notes with a clean and fragrant aroma. Notes of tomato, aromatic herbs and green wheat, with a herbal touch reminiscent of thyme. Balanced and harmonious medium structure.

    Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar arbequina has a medium-intense fruity aroma of green olives, with aromas reminiscent of blackcurrant, walnut, apple, peach and quince. It has slight herbaceous touches.

    Our picual variety is ideal to accompany fish, grilled meats or Iberian assortments. The arbequina variety can be an excellent option to replace butter in creams or desserts.

    Case with 2 units of 500 ml

  • Melgarejo Pack Varieties. Case with 5 bottles of 250 ml.

    Price €48.00
    5 5

    Melgarejo variety pack is an ideal gift that includes a box of 5 bottles of 250 ml of the varieties arbequina, frantoio, hojiblanca, composition (coupage) and picual.

    This set of Melgarejo Premium are five high quality oils produced in their oil mills in Jaén from the best fruits of each year. They are oils of excellence in which the fragrance is shown in an intense way together with a pleasant flavour and complex character.

    Its beautiful packaging stands out, ideal as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays, Father's or Mother's Day, or simply at any time when we want to treat ourselves to the experience of tasting one of the most awarded oils from Jaén.

    Melgarejo pack 5 varieties of 250 ml

  • Abbae de Queiles Gift wood Case with 2 bottles of 500 ml

    Price €31.82
    5 5

    Enjoy the Abbae de Queiles de Navarra olive oil in its brand new presentation which includes an elegant brown ochre packaging with two bottles of extra virgin olive oil. 

    The Abbae oil from Hacienda de Queiles has an intense aroma of fresh fruit and green banana with secondary notes of tomato and artichoke. In the mouth it is pleasant with slight bitterness and spiciness. Balanced and persistent.

    Gift box with 2 bottles of 500 ml.

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    Balcon del Guadalquivir EVOO Premium picual variety with carton case

    Price €69.90
    5 5

    (€11.65 Unidad 500 ml)

    This extra virgin olive oil Balcón del Guadalquivir comes from Baeza, a town in the province of Jaén. It has an intense aroma of herbs, tomato and artichoke and in the mouth it has a smooth fruity taste. It contains a large amount of health benefits due to the vitamins it contains and no additives.

    This EVOO has an intense fruity flavour together with the light bitter and spicy flavours of the extra virgin, which come from the high quantity of polyphenols that characterise the picual variety, whose high resistance to oxidation allows the nutritional and organoleptic properties to be preserved unaltered for a long time.

    Box of 6 units of 500 ml

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  • Oil Rincón de la Subbética Alamoda Bio. Box of 9 bottles of 250 ml.

    Price €88.20
    5 5

    (€9.80 por botella)

    Rincón de la Subbética Alamoda is a premium extra virgin olive oil from the first day of harvest. Organic extra virgin olive oil from the oil mills of the Subbética in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, a unique natural area protected by the Andalusian Government.  

    This olive oil has a very intense green fruity taste with an aftertaste of fruit and citrus fruits. Herbaceous sensations, thyme and mint, with notes of tomato.

    9 Bottles of 250ml

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    Tuccioliva Gran Seleccion - Box of 48 bottles 100 ml for weddings...

    Price €153.60
    5 5

    (€3.20 unidad 250 ml)

    Tuccioliva Gran Selección extra virgin olive oil for weddings and communions offers you this small size format of 100 ml to offer your guests gourmet miniatures at weddings, communions or other types of events.

    Tuccioliva oil is a green picual oil with aromas of tomato, apple, freshly cut grass and a multitude of other sensory notes that make it a complex and balanced oil.

    Box of 48 bottles of 100 ml

Extra virgin olive oil bottles as a gift. At your wedding or communion of your children gives the best oils of Spain.