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Tuccioliva extra virgin olive oil has a superior category and is already obtained through only mechanical processes and is obtained directly from olives.

Tuccioliva Olive Oil is an oil recognized worldwide thanks to the awards obtained both nationally and internationally, so it is not just an oil known in the province of Jaen as it is obtained from the olive trees planted in the town of Martos. These years as some others have been one of the 10 best of the province of Jaen.

The San Amador Cooperative, which produces it, has been included in the prestigious ranking "The World´s Best Olive Oils", a ranking that selects the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. In 2017 the cooperative from Marteña managed to place its AOVE among the twenty best olive oils in the world. It should be noted that of these twenty oils, thirteen of them are Spanish, with Oro Bailen oil being the best placed in the position with a fourth position.

As for the awards obtained during 2017, Tuccioliva won the gold medal for "Frutado Medio" and "Mejor Aceite" at the Los Angeles awards. Among many other awards he also won gold medals in Athens and Japan, Special Mention and "Golden Lion of Italy".